An Introduction

Will America Survive?
I love America. I believe in her greatness. I’m proud of who we are and what we stand for. But I’m deeply concerned about our future. Our greatest enemy lies within our own borders – us. Years ago, Arnold Toynbee said, “Nations, cultures and empires are never destroyed from the outside, but destroy themselves; their self destruction is always due to defects of character.” I’m very disturbed at the vacuum of integrity, conviction and servant leadership in many of those who we elect to serve and represent us. It is not hard to see the need for true servant leaders and statesmen to step up in our society, and in all levels of government. As a people, we need a rousing wake up call. We’ve become much too lazy and apathetic to care about what’s really going on in this great land of ours – we are losing everything we’ve fought and died for.AmericanRevolutionII

Ultimately, I believe that it’s going to take another revolution to win this battle. A revolution ignited by an awakening and resurgence of our American heritage of Judeo-Christian principles and constitutional conservatism. This heritage is the reason for our greatness and the foundation that fostered the growth of the most prosperous and generous people in the history of man.

Like many times before, we stand on the edge of a dangerous precipice. This time, however, we’re going down a path we’ve never been before. We’re being led by a radical leader who believes in consolidating as much power in the federal government as possible. Historically speaking, he most resembles a statist who aims to control as much of his citizens’ lives as he can. And he is surrounded by self servants who’ve forgotten who serves who.

Will America survive? The answer is up to us. Will we rise up and stop this dangerous march towards socialism? We can and we must. History, and the empowering realities of conservatism, are on our side. So let us ring the bells of liberty, of justice, of divine providence, and rise to a new birth of statesmanship.
Let the next American Revolution begin…
Let the brushfires ignite within us…
The time is now…

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